Michael Burry: The Value Investor Who Defies the Herd

Michael Burry is a renowned investor and hedge fund manager who rose to fame for his successful bets against the housing market in the mid-2000s. He is known for his unique approach to investing, which is based on value investing principles and a contrarian mindset.

The Student Investor:

Burry’s journey into the world of investing began during his college years at UCLA, where he started trading stocks, options, and futures. This early experience sparked his fascination with understanding how companies operate and the dynamics that drive their success.

The Value Investor:

Burry believes that the best way to protect your portfolio from market downturns is to invest in “appropriately safe and cheap stocks.” He avoids complex hedging techniques and instead focuses on finding undervalued companies with solid fundamentals.

The ‘Ick’ Factor:

Burry is also known for his concept of “ick investing,” which involves investing in companies that most investors would instinctively avoid due to their unattractive names or challenging circumstances. He believes that these companies are often undervalued and have the potential for significant growth.

The Value Investor in the Dot-com Bubble:

In the late 1990s, Burry remained true to his value investing principles during the dot-com bubble, when many investors were pouring money into overvalued technology stocks. He refused to participate in the tech stock mania and instead focused on finding undervalued companies.

The Reluctance to Accept Free Money:

Burry is also a cautious investor who avoids excessive debt and leverage. He believes that it is important to maintain financial prudence and not take on unnecessary risks.


Michael Burry is a successful investor who has made a name for himself by defying the herd and investing in undervalued companies. His unique approach to investing is based on value investing principles and a contrarian mindset. While there is no guarantee of success in investing, Burry’s insights can provide valuable guidance for aspiring investors.